Dr. Paul Brenner

Paul Brenner is a physician and counseling psychologist. Paul began his career in academic and clinical medicine as an OB/GYN with a subspecialty in Female Oncology. During a sabbatical, he serendipitously began to counsel patients with life threatening illness. As a result, his life shifted dramatically. He left his traditional practice of medicine and began to see one person a day with chronic and terminal illness.

These transparent, wise souls became his teachers. He learned that health or illness was not only the state of one’s body, but rather related to one’s appreciation and acceptance of life, self, and others -- as well as how unconscious patterns often set the stage for illness. Fascinated by the integration of mind and body, Paul obtained a doctorate in counseling psychology, opened a private practice, and developed this unique process called MyActuality. He applied this process in private practice, at an addiction center, and at the San Diego Cancer and Research Institute as Director of Psychosocial Oncology.

For the past 57 years, Paul has been in search of what makes people sick and what makes others well. He believes many of the answers may finally be found in the new field of epigenetics -- the study of those environmental factors that affect the expression of genes in future generations and the earliest years of life.

Paul is the author of four books: Health is a Question of Balance, Buddha In the Waiting Room, Life is a Shared Creation and Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes.

Paul received his BA from Brown University, his M.D. from New York Medical College and his Ph.D. from the International University of Professional Psychology. Paul has lectured throughout America, Asia, and Europe on the psychology of health and illness and the unconscious patterns that run our lives.


                                                          - DR. PAUL BRENNER